The insured is the owner (or project management); the Organization, personal property, civil liability is insured under a contract of insurance.

However the insured may include the parties are related to construction such as architects, engineers, consultants, subcontractors … In case more people are bảohiểm, HĐBH will record the name of the representative (name of insurance agreement conclusion and pay the fee) and the bêncóliên.

With the kind of works on, subjects covered are divided into the following categories:-construction/installation (main and temporary works, all the materials involved in the ownership, management, supervision and control of the insured).

-Construction equipment serving the construction/installation process.

-Construction machinery and equipment/installation service for construction/installation process.

-Cost to clean up the scene.

Location building/installation location to be covered should be clearly defined by the details in some cases building the embankment roads …, the school is through with line trìnhphụ promo chiềudài support. Location of construction installation often in Vietnamese territory.

Coverage of all risk insurance rules of construction have very wide, almost covered for all risks are unforeseen surprises, except the excluded risk clearly in rules for the material losses related to construction site during construction and property and responsibility of the human 01.

The coverage of all risks of construction and installation are:-part 1: physical damage: insurance for physical damage to the building stated rỏtrong the contract of insurance and is determined by the value of building installation.

The value of building installation includes the value of all construction items installed by main contractor and sub-contractors conduct according to the contract signed with investors including đàođắp leveling values prepared using the build installation; value nail; the value of the structure works; the value of temporary works serves for construction; the value of installation equipment (in the case of works including the construction and installation of value construction or installation of a 50% greater than the value of the work, the need to apply rules of construction or installation of insurance related).

To avoid having the dispute when a loss occurs, the insured should specify the value of each category of the paper trìnhtrong love cầubảo.

If you want to exclude, then work in the certificate of insurance or in the additional note khoảnbổ not hiểmcho categories.

-Part 2: liability for third person: The khoảntiền màngười be covered legal responsibility to compensate for the loss caused to the person and property of the third parties that stem from causes in the process of building items are covered, along with legal costs that the third person claiming to be from the insured person.

The injury on the person of the employer or worker; the loss of property or ownership rights in the management, care, or control of the party in relation to the works that are not in the insurance liability for the third person.

The point of exclusion:-the war, invasion, hostilities, civil war, riot, revolt.

-Terrorist acts.

-(However 2 exclusion will not cover the loss, damage, costs, equipment costs are due to perform to control, prevent, suppress, or are related to the events in the 2 points above exclusion)-nuclear reactions, nuclear radiation or radioactive contamination.

-Intentional action or repeated malpractice.

-Stop the work though the whole or in part.

-For the loss of data, software and computer programs, and its consequences (business interruption losses).

-Required deductible Levels.

Exclusion of coverage for physical damage:-losses in nature, consequences, including fines, loss due to delay, do not htực there are contracts, contracts.

-Direct losses due to the wrong design.

-The cost of replacement, repair, fix defects of materials or of inferior workmanship errors.

-The phenomenon of corrosion, wear, oxidation, rot in normal conditions.

-Other machinery, construction equipment malfunction, electrical problems or about the body, due to cracked, due to the cooling fluid or other fluids were freezing, do lubrication system has defects or lack of oil or liquid.

-Motor vehicles are allowed on public roads or means of transport and marine aircraft.

-Profile, drawing, accounting documents, invoices, money, stamps, text message, mail, stocks, debt guarantee, check.

-The loss of, or damage is detected only at the time of inventory.

Exclude for liability insurance against third persons:-the cost of manufacturing, building, upgrading, repair or replace items covered or could be covered.

-Damage to property, land, homes, or about people due to vibrations or bearing structure and geology of the shifting or weakened.

-Responsible for causing injury to persons as a result of employer or worker; the loss of property or ownership rights in the management, care, or control of the parties related to the work to be covered; accidents caused by motor vehicles are allowed to circulate on the public roads or by marine or air transport; any agreement of the insured person.

-The liability incurred by the insured person to provide or not provide advice, services of professional nature or due to any errors or omissions are related.

-The responsibilities arising from the pollution or contamination except the destruction of or damage to the device caused the insurance object due to pollution or contamination from the risks covered.

-Liability arising from or related to the substance asbestos.

-Accountability related to fines when not performing the contract.

Period of insurance: liability of the insurer from at the commencement or from when the categories are named in the contract of insurance was unloaded the school. Liability insurance for those projects will cease when the item was delivered or put into use. The insurance contract is terminated on the date specified in the contract.

However, the insurance contract construction/fitting đặtchỉ really have the effect after the insured person has paid the premium stated in the insurance contract unless agreed otherwise by vănbản.

Policy construction/installation of the stated deficiencies of each works one time certain standards. However, the fact there are a number of cases the build time/đặtcó Assembly can last longer. This reflected deficiencies in contract construction contractor installation. The contract of insurance of building and installation may be extended if there is love cầutừ client side as well as the consent of the company and acceptance must be risk assessment, additional fee if accepted insurance extending build installation.

For insurance of installation then the storage time of the longest Technics not exceeding 3 months and during run-time installation try sum insured: the insurance amount is the value of the contract of construction works (including the entire vậtliệu, wages, cost of shipping, customs , other taxes, vậtliệu) and not be lower than the total value of construction contract which is also called the value estimation.
The hiểmcó Museum is able to declare the value hiểmcho protection phầnthiệt material: · The value of restoring works (where there is a loss in the period of insurance). In this case select the value insured under the restore value, the need to anticipate the increase in costs due to the price of raw materials and wages of workers changes. So identifying the worth of very complex difficult recovery do extend the time to pay compensation.

· The value is equal to or smaller than the largest losses can occur. In this case the compensation from the insurance company for the insured will easily cause due to disputes arising under the insurance value when the problem is the loss led to the loss of credibility for the company.

During the insurance period of construction, if there is a change in price leads to the insurance value varies, the insured should inform the insurance company to adjust the insurance value of building right to have additional modifications to change the value on the insurance.

· Costs for the preparation of premises such as digging, leveling, road construction, … (not counting the cost of clearance) · The value of temporary works construction served as canals, levees protect electrical lines, lighting, water, … in the administration of the insured person. The insurance value is the value of the sảnđóngay at the điểmbảo insurance · The cost of testing machinery, new equipment 100% (if covered) · The value of machinery and equipment for construction/installation.

· Assets available on or around the school.

· The cost of cleaning up after a loss is the cost of cleaning the waste ground after losses

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